The Wieland House

The Frederick Wieland House

This beautiful Victorian home was built in 1899 by Frederick and Pearl Wieland. Frederick was a prominent citizen of the Lake Orion area. He served two terms in the legislature, was the village attorney, a member of the Board of Education and served as the township supervisor from 1900 to 1912.

On January 5, 1917, Mr. Wieland died of a long illness with tuberculosis. He was vacationing in Florida at the time. His body was sent back to Lake Orion and he was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery.

November 16, 1924, Pearl Wieland (55 years) married Frank D. Hovey (66 years) of Port Huron. Witnesses were Blanche Sims (a middle school is currently named after her) and Mary Keller. It was believed at the time, that Pearl owned a real estate/insurance business called The Wieland Agency.

December 20, 1925, Pearl and Frank Hovey moved to Port Huron. In August of 1928 Pearl and Frank decided to move back to Lake Orion and they remodeled the Wieland House.

Friday July 26, 1930, the Orion Review reported “At 9:30 am a tragic auto accident happened one mile south of the village of Davison that cost the life of a prominent Lake Orion citizen, Frank D. Hovey. This accident also resulted in the serious injury of his wife Mrs. Pearl Wieland/Hovey.”

September 12, 1944, Pearl Hovey sold the home to her cousin, Blanche Sims. Blanche Sims and Jeannie McGuffie lived in this house for several years with Pearl.

September 26, 1946, Pearl Adaline Wieland/Hovey passed away from heart disease. She was buried next to her first husband Frederick Wieland in Evergreen Cemetery.

March 31, 1947, Blanche Sims passed away. She was a member of the Methodist Church and she taught in the local schools for 50 years. She was buried in the Evergreen cemetery.

January 15, 1948, the house was sold to Ella Butts Shoemaker by Walter H. Shoup, the administrator of the estate of Blanche Sims. The house and property was purchased for $7,200.00

During the 1950’s, the home was rented by Ms. Wanda Hubble and then later by Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hogan. Mr. Hogan was a dentist and practiced his profession from the house. It was believed that his dentist chair was in the dining room. Mr. Hogan died in the late 1950’s.

On July 17, 1959, Augusta Hogan purchased the home following her husband’s death. It was believed that Augusta Hogan was a school teacher in Lake Orion. Mrs. Hogan died in 1990 at the age of 87.

May 25, 1978, the house was sold to Fred and Jean Dickman. Fred was in the publications business at General Dynamics in Sterling Heights. Jean operated her own custom framing business in the village of Lake Orion from 1977-1987. They made many changes to the house and always tried to maintain the appearance of a Victorian home. Changes were the addition to the upstairs and the rear of the house, front porch, fencing, landscaping and internal renovation and decoration.

May 28, 2005, the house was sold to Jim and Renee Rowe. The Rowes converted the home into commercial property for their business, Treeside Psychological Clinic. They renovated the downstairs bathroom and put a handicap ramp in the back to comply with disability codes. They also added a wall to the living room to provide office space and privacy.

June 3, 2022, the home was sold to Brenton and Jennifer Place, where they continue to run Treeside Psychological Clinic.